NT Bike Hash Cycling Jersey

NTBH Top-2

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Designed by mountain biker and graphic designer Steve Ellul, this retro-look cycling jersey is available in summer and winter fabric weights. It’s made of polyester and has a hidden 3/4-length front zipper, raglan sleeves, elasticated waist, three elasticated back pockets and interlock-stitched sleeves. Ladies’ cut and children’s sizes are available. The summer weight jersey is short sleeved while the winter weight comes both short and long sleeved. The summer shirt is, unsurprisingly, good for the warmer months while the winter shirt is a slightly heavier fabric, but not thick or fleece lined.


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  • Summer jersey $410
  • Short sleeve winter jersey $370
  • Long sleeve winter jersey $426
  • Children’s jersey same as above


The sizes are geared to local Hong Kongers and are on the small side, but the size range (up to 4XL) should cover most bods. The best thing is to find a shirt you like riding in and compare it to the size specs below.

Size spec adults

Adult size spec – click to enlarge

Size spec kids

Child size spec – click to enlarge

How to order

Click on the blue speech bubble at top right of this page and post a comment in the format

  • Name
  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Style (summer/winter short sleeve/winter long sleeve)
  • Cut (male/female – adult sizes only)
  • Amount payable* and payment method (by hand/ATM transfer)

Transfer the amount to me immediately either by hand or bank/ATM transfer to

Reels Stephen James, Hang Seng Bank savings account no. 220 260525 882

and let me know when you’ve done it: stevereels@gmail.com

* My bastard bank has recently started nicking $15 from me for every third-party transfer, so please add this amount ($15) per transfer or I’ll be significantly out of pocket.

Deadline for ordering: Sunday June 2, 2013.

Shekou Dash – final arrangements

It’s the May 18-19 Shekou Wonder Weekend – a bit of cycling, a bit of running, a bit of partying – and if you haven’t got your visa it’s too late now! Here are the timetables for those who want to join the main groups. It’s recommended that we keep together because most people will be visiting this part of town for the first time.
On Saturday, we’ll start riding from Futian Checkpoint at 2pm. Adrian Brock-Hollinshead will lead the way.
Allow 30 minutes from arrival at Lok Ma Chau station to clear PRC immigration, then meet at the front of the building outside the glass doors (where we gather for cycling tours).
The ride will take 1.5-2 hours depending on weather and numbers of pedestrians / other cyclists.
Check in to hotel about 4pm.
Snake Pit by 5.
On Saturday, meet at Fo Tan station at 12 noon. Dave Gow will be in charge.
After clearing PRC immigration at Futian Checkpoint, gather at the money changer at the bottom of the escalator. This is to meet anybody who’s making their way to Futian Checkpoint by a different route (not with the Tai Wo group).
Take the metro to Shuiwan station. The route is:
Longhua Line (Line 4, red) to Convention & Exhibition Center (2 stops)
Luobao Line (Line 1, green) to Window of the World (7 stops)
Shekou Line (Line 2, yellow) to Shuiwan (8 stops)
Check into the hotel around 2-2.30pm.
Snake Pit by 5.
Snake Pit
It looks like there’s a barbecue on Saturday from 6pm, free for Snake Pit members and 50RMB for non-members.
For old members, you can probably pick up your new membership cards, so bring along your hairbrush and Brylcreem for the photo-op – or just bring a photo!
Morning at leisure.
After check-out and lunch take the metro to Children’s Palace station and make your way to Exit E1, where the run starts.
If coming up from Hong Kong, take the Longhua Line from Futian Checkpoint to Children’s Palace (4 stops).
Cyclists can choose to ride to the run or take the bike on the metro (bikes are allowed on the metro with front wheel removed).
I’m helping to set the run so will be leaving Shekou early with the other hares. If anybody wants to ride my bike to the run they’re most welcome. Otherwise I’ll be looking for somebody to wheel it there!

Shekou Dash

Shekou Weekend, 18-19 May, 2013


There’s a Shek Kong Hash weekend in Shekou coming up that may be of interest to some. Basically it consists of a Saturday afternoon waterfront ride of 20km from Futian (Lok Ma Chau) to Shekou, an evening on the town starting at the new Snake Pit, and a hash on Sunday afternoon in Futian using not a single public vehicular road and including shiggy. There are options to ride back from Shekou to Futian on Sunday or not to ride at all and just go over for the Saturday night booze-up and the Sunday hash. Remember that if you’re not Chinese you’ll need a visa.


Basic outline:

Saturday, May 18

Riders cross border at Futian for 20km coastal ride to the Snake Pit’s new premises

Others join riders at Snake Pit

Night out at Sea World

Sunday, May 19

Riders ride back to Futian

Others take metro or taxi to Children’s Palace station

Hash by hare Beer Tits and SPs Luk Sup Gow and Golden Balls

On on at nearby restaurant

All return to Hong Kong

Options for riders

  1. Ride to Snake Pit, take refreshment, ride back to Futian / Hong Kong (no stay)
  2. Ride to Snake Pit, night out in Shekou*, ride to Futian next day for hash**
  3. Ride to Snake Pit, night out in Shekou, take Metro / taxi to hash with bike

Options for runners / non-runners

  1. Go to Snake Pit by Metro or bus***, night out in Shekou, go to Futian for hash
  2. Sunday afternoon go to Futian for hash (no stay)

*    The nominated hotel is the Fuzon Hotel, which is about 100m from Shuiwan Metro station, 200m from the Snake Pit and 1km (or 1 metro stop) from Sea World. It’s new, clean and has a coffee shop and bar. Nearby there are other restaurants and bars. Riders that stay simply stow their bikes in their rooms. You can book through Agoda or C-Trip – both have rates at around HK$400 for a twin/double. Google “fuzon hotel shekou” and the first two entries are Agoda and C-Trip.

**  The run starts at Children’s Palace metro station on the Longhua Line. From the hotel take the Shekou Line, Shuiwan station, to Futian or Civic Center, then change to the Longhua Line for one stop to Children’s Palace. For those just going for the Sunday, take the Longhua Line from Futian Checkpoint four stops to Children’s Palace. Note that Futian Checkpoint is a different station to Futian. For those with bikes, we have checked with the Metro and bikes can be taken on trains. As in Hong Kong, the front wheel must be removed.

Metro map: http://shenzhenmap.info/static-maps/sz-metro.html

***For most people the best way is to take the MTR to Lok Ma Chau station then walk over the pedestrian bridge to Futian. When you pass immigration you are delivered directly to Futian Checkpoint station. Take the Longhua Line 3 stops north to Civic Center, then change to the Shekou Line. Take this all the way to Shuiwan station. Check in to the hotel and stroll on down to the Snake Pit. You can also take the bus from Tuen Mun / Yuen Long to Shekou and make your own way to the hotel (Sea World is one metro stop from Shuiwan station). Taxi from Futian is a quicker option. Map: