Huidong Tour

NT Bike Hash Cycling Tour, Huidong, November 15-17


Friday, November 15

Gather at Futian* 8.30pm. Bus 2.5 hours to hotel in Huidong. Dinner at own expense in town, or bring sandwiches for the bus trip.

Saturday, November 16

Breakfast. Bus out to countryside. Ride, lunch, ride again, finish at picturesque ancient village of Tai Ho Tam. Total 80km. Return to Huidong. Dinner.

Sunday, November 17

Breakfast. Bus to Yin Shan. Ride 40km to Tit Chung Chun. Lunch. Return on bus to Shenzhen.

Huidong map

Most of the route is on rural roads and through villages, mainly flat with small hills. Technique required: HKCTA 3-star, i.e., not difficult but not suitable for beginners. Much of the route cannot be supported by bus, only by the mechanic’s truck, so there’s limited opportunity to bail out.

Capacity: 22 riders.

Fee: $1,590 per person based on double occupancy. Single room surcharge $175 for the weekend. Kids who don’t need a bed pay $1,420.

Fee includes basic insurance (maximum claim $100,000, but $50,000 if claim involves bike accident); 5 meals; bus; truck; mechanic; helmet; water. Fee does not include alcoholic or soft drinks at meals.

Bike hire: add $120. Or take your own bike**.

New members pay $100 lifetime HKCTA joining fee plus $30 annual subscription. Membership form must be completed by new HKCTA members – email me if you need one (address below).

Existing members who haven’t paid subs this year (i.e., done a HKCTA tour) pay $60 annual subscription. Existing members don’t need to complete the membership form.

HKCTA advises bringing your own helmet, gloves, windbreaker, sunglasses, sun cream, snacks, medicals and hygiene kit. It also advises getting extra insurance. Note the HKCTA insurance does not cover transport back to Hong Kong.

To register, please provide the following information by private e-mail to :

1. Name in English and Chinese (if applicable) as on travel document

2. ID card number

3. Date of birth and age

4. Sex

5. Height in cm

6. Phone number

7. Hiring bike or taking own?

8. Emergency contact name/relationship/phone

9. E-mail address

To pay, transfer the appropriate amount to Hang Seng savings account 220-260525-882 (Reels Stephen James) and send the advice by November 3 to the address above.

If you haven’t paid by November 3 you’ll be removed from the tour and your place offered to somebody else. Places are reserved on a first-come first-served basis.

Enquiries: Steve Reels 69799511


* Gathering point is outside the Futian customs/immigration/metro building on the Shenzhen side of the border at Lok Ma Chau (Futian) crossing next to Lok Ma Chau MTR station. This is different to the Lok Ma Chau (Huanggang) road crossing, so be smart. If you go to the wrong crossing you’ll miss the tour.

** If taking your own bike, take train or taxi to Lok Ma Chau MTR station and proceed to immigration. Private cars do not have access. There are car parks near Lok Ma Chau bus terminal and plenty of taxis around for the short trip to the station. You cannot ride there.

If you take the train you will have to remove your front wheel while on the MTR. Stations on the East Rail line are normally cool with bikes, but staff at Hong Kong and Kowloon stations will probably try to stop you.

Don’t forget your China visa!


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