About Us

5591318551_4c593491f2_b“If you can ride for 40km – you’re in!” – Loco

The New Territories Bike Hash (NTBH) is a loose grouping of people who enjoy cycling in the rural New Territories and beyond. Although it arose from the running hashes in the New Territories of Hong Kong – Northern New Territories Hash and Sek Kong Hash – NTBH welcomes anybody who likes getting out on a bike and has a sense of humour, whether they’re hashers or not. Riders on NTBH events range in age from 8 to 76 and activities are designed as fun rides to suit all abilities. Activities fall into three categories:

1. Bike hashes. Traditional hash with hares, marked trails and checks. 15-40km. Learn more

2. Bike rides. Rides around the NT or beyond led by one or two riders, with plenty of hydration stops along the way. 30-50km. Learn more

3. Bike tours. Weekend cycling trips to Guangdong province. 70-100+km. Learn more

cycling-is-bollocksNTBH is a casually organized outfit whose events are irregular and often impromptu with the emphasis on irreverence and fun. Riders are expected to know how to ride a bike and take responsibilty for themselves when taking part. In other words, we’re all big boys and girls and we’re allowed to hurt ourselves if we want to!

You can find news of forthcoming events, if any, in the Calendar, or you can contact us to see if anything is on the horizon or to get on the distribution list.

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