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Here’s a heads-up for a few bike hash events coming up

May 18  Snakepit Dash

Ride from Futian in Shenzhen to The Snakepit’s new premises, 20km. This is in conjunction with a Shek Kong ash weekend, including a Sunday run.

May 25  Bike Hash, Penny’s Bay

Ruth Hunt and Sheila Murphy are the hares for the first bike hash on Lantau. Bikes can be hired.

June 15  Closed Area Caper

A ride through the roads and byways of the soon-to-be-opened frontier closed area between Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau

Watch this space for more details, soon.

The calendar.

Bike Hash in Tai Po

Old-style bike hash this Saturday (March 30) in Tai Po. No marked trail. 35km ride with hydration stops.


We’ll reprise an old trail in honour of the coming east of bike hash stalwart Go West.

Location: Tai Po bike shops behind the Bobby London

Time: Meet 2pm for a 2.30pm start


The ride is a flat but far from dull affair. Starting and finishing in Tai Po, it’s an easy 30-something kilometre jaunt by concrete path, nullah road and dirt track through some of the choicest parts of the wacky north. Highlights include fthe berms of Long Valley, Sheung Yue River, Experimental Farm and Target Valley


Meet at the Tai Po bike shops behind the Bobby London at 2pm to hire a bike (map below) or bring your own. We’re aiming for a 2.30pm start and a daylight finish. Drivers can park in the gravel car park at the end of Tung Cheung Street, while Tai Po MTR railway station is just an eight-minute walk away.

Tai Po bike shops copy


The charge is in the region of $60. Check out any bike carefully before hiring, particularly the brakes and gears. Is the bike the right size? You should be able to comfortably stand on your tiptoes when seated. Is the saddle comfortable? It may sound obvious, but don’t take a new bike that hasn’t been adjusted. One rider (me) did this once and the pedal came off halfway through the ride. We’ll be away from main roads and taxi rescue points much of the time.


As usual, there will be the odd refuelling stop along the way, but bring your own fluid replenishment. A peaked cap helps protect against both rain and strong sunshine, while sunglasses can keep insects and grit out of the eyes. Also, three hours in the saddle can take its toll on the posterior; we advise the wearing of padded bike shorts. 

Bike Hash No. 2 of 2013 – Sai Kung


Date: Saturday, 16 March 2013

Time: 1.30pm for a 2pm start

Hares: Gunpowder Plod and Spank Me

Gunpowder Plod

Gunpowder Plod

Spank Me

Spank Me


















Trail: A to A from Sun Ping bicycle shop, Sai Kung Town. Rambos 30km with steep ups and downs, roads, tracks and village paths. A bit of walking/pushing is involved. Good brakes are essential. Wimps 15km, easier but still challenging

Sun Ping location map

Bikes: bring your own or hire one from Sun Ping

Fees: own bike – $40, includes water at the start, the finish and at stops along the route; Sun Ping hired bike  – $120, includes bike hire and water at start, finish and stops en route

Getting there: Green minibus from Choi Hung and Hang Hau MTRs or bus 299 from Shatin MTR

Parking: cheapest is the open-air car park near the police station. Location map

Circle at Plod’s Pagoda, Wan King Path at 4pm; on-on to follow

If interested, please email Gunpowder Plod ( with

Your name and hash name, if applicable

Bike hire: yes or no

If yes, your height and sex

Your email address and mobile phone number

Queries: Guy Shirra, 9307 2041